Historic Commercial Buildings

Historic Commercial Buildings

Nora Mills

third historic Nora Mill
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One of the first grist and saw mills operable in Nacoochee was built across the Chattahoochee River from the present site of Nora Mills. It was operated by Daniel Brown. His home was located a short distance away on the same side of the river as the mill.

dam and mill

In the late 1880's John Martin purchased the mill site as well as extensive gold mining property in Nacoochee. He built the two story house (Martin House) across the river from the old mill site, rebuilt the dam, and constructed a new mill building on the same side of the river as his house. That mill building washed away in a flood and the present mill building was constructed at the same site by Dr. Hardman.

Nacoochee Station and Post Office

Post Office in background
RR station in foreground

The Gainesville Northern railway was chartered in 1911 and was built primarily to carry lumber from the Byrd-Matthews lumber mill in Helen. In addition to the lumber hauling, which ran on an irregular schedule, the railroad operated at first a single daily train round trip between Gainesville and North Helen (Robertstown). The track was completed and passenger service started in 1913. The Nacoochee Station was completed in 1912.

platform of train station

About the same time Dr. Hardman, who had purchased the Nichols house and farm, built a brick building in proximity to the railroad station. The Nacoochee post office was moved into this building and two stores were also operated in this building. Mr. P.L. Hood operated one of the stores and Mr. Thomas B. Henderson moved his mercantile business from Clarkesville in Habersham County into this building.

Also about this time a covered bridge was constructed across the Chattahoochee.

covered bridge across Chattahoochee
at Nacoochee Station

John Martin's Headquarters

Martin family, 1890's

John Martin was a Scotsman, trained as an engineer, who had visited Georgia on three occasions before moving to Nacoochee and purchasing a large gold mining property in White County in the late 1880's.

Martin House today

He built this two story house, rebuilt the Daniel Brown dam and built a grist mill on the same side of the river as his home.

Today the Martin House houses an Antiques Mall and is nestled among a winery and the historic Nora Mill.