Historic Alley Hotel/Sautee Inn

Alley Hotel/Sautee Inn

photo taken 1907
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Captain Laughlin McIntosh acquired this property at the time of the lottery in 1821 along with 250 acres. After he died, his widow sold to Benjamin Cleveland, who subsequently sold to E.P. Williams. He built his home, "Oak Hill", and lived here until the late 1800's.

The Green family then bought the property and built a hotel. The Greens then sold to the Alleys in 1896. The hotel burned less than a year after the Alleys bought it. Coleman Alley's grandfather, William Henry Clay Alley, rebuilt in 1897, supposedly on the same foundation.

photos taken 1907

It was operated as the Alley Hotel from 1897 until the early 1900's. Guests were brought over from the Demorest train station in a beautiful gold, black, and red fringed surrey!

Sautee Inn


The property was sold to Will Stovall in 1933.

In 1940, Charlotte Templeton purchased the property and after that a sizable portion of the building was removed. When Ms. Templeton died in 1957, the Alleys moved back in using it as their residence.

In 1972 it was purchased by John and Emily Anthony who operated a restaurant, the Sautee Inn, until 1992.