Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia
cabin painting

If we don't keep this history alive
and save what's left, our
children and grandchildren will
never know the history and hardship
of our ancestors.

- Lena Bell Dorsey

Nacoochee Cabin

Watercolor by Becky Peebles
Limited Edition Prints Available

“I loved doing this painting. I went to the Heritage Site at all times of day, took pictures of the cabin, and painted “in my head” for a number of weeks before actually putting paint on paper. After much thought, I chose to paint an image of the slave cabin on an early spring morning. In my vision, this linked new beginnings with the past that this historical structure represents. I am very aware of the rich history in our area and hope this little painting will bring some of that heritage to our mind's eye.” Becky Peebles

Framed with lumber salvaged from the restored 1850 slave cabin, this original watercolor painting was donated by local artist Becky Peebles to benefit the African American Heritage Site and is on display in the Conference Room at the Sautee Nacoochee Center. Limited edition prints of this painting are available in the Gallery Shops of the Cultural Center ($50 tax included). All proceeds from limited edition prints and note cards will support further development and educational programming at the Heritage Site.