Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia


Sautee Nacoochee Native Peace Garden

The Native Peace Garden was dedicated on June 22, 2019. The idea for the garden began in 2015, when the late Helen and Jack Mott gifted a portion of their adjoining land to SNCA.

The Native Peace Garden is located behind the Sautee Post Office.

What's Happening at the Garden?

Open from sunrise to sunset,
the Native Peace Garden
is available for the public's enjoyment.

Gardening with Native Plants
Apr 24, May 8, June 19, July 10, Aug 7, Sept 11, Oct 16, 9am - 9:30am

Come see what's happening in the Native Peace Garden! Take a look with Native Peace Garden Manager Johnna Tuttle. Learn ways to incorporate native plants in your home landscape. No charge, no registration. Meet at the Native Peace Garden. Questions? E-mail

The Great Georgia Pollinator Census
Aug 20 - 21, anytime between 8am - 4pm

Scientists can learn a lot about how our pollinators are doing from our observations. Come help science by watching insect visitors on flowers! No expertise is required -- children, families, anyone can help. Come to the Native Peace Garden, observe a flower for 15 minutes and record what you see (a photo-worksheet will be provided). Questions? E-mail

Can't make it to the Native Peace Garden? Do it at home! The activity packet will be posted on SNCA's Facebook page. For more information go to

Connect to Protect
Saturday, Aug 21, 9am - 10am

It is no secret that pollinators and native plant biodiversity are in trouble. This is a call to action. We can no longer leave conservation up to those who are professionally trained in botany, ecology, or restoration. Each of us has an opportunity to create ecologically rich gardens at our homes, places of worship, and greenspaces.

Learn how the State Botanical Garden is facilitating biodiversity through Connect to Protect gardens throughout the state. Led by Lauren Muller, Conservation Outreach Coordinator at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Through her work, Lauren aims to ignite a passion for native plants and conservation in her fellow Georgians. Through invasive plant removal, pollinator gardens, and learning to grow native plants, we can all do our part to conserve the incredible biodiversity found in Georgia. Lauren is eager to share some simple ways to support and connect to nature in our own backyards. Indoor presentation followed by a brief tour of the garden. $10 Register by Aug 14. Questions? E-mail

Bee Native
Sept 18, 10am - 11:30am

Join us and learn about our native bees. We will explore Georgia's native bees and learn how to attract and keep them in our gardens. We will discuss bee identification skills, building a native bee garden, and bee nesting needs. We will finish the workshop by creating bee homes that you will be able to take with you to place in your garden! Becky Griffin is a Pollinator Health Associate with University of Georgia Extension. She is also a Certified Georgia Beekeeper and the Coordinator of the Great Georgia Pollinator Census ( Being passionate about native bees, Becky is excited to share her knowledge with us. Limited to 15. $15 includes your bee box. Questions? E-mail

Fall Plant Sale for Pollinators
Oct 16, 10am - 2:00pm

Purchase native plants, get them settled in for the winter, and anticipate the beauty they will bring in the year to come! Questions? E-mail

Holiday Stroll
Dec 21 - Jan 6

Enjoy a stroll around the Native Peace Garden decorated with holiday lights and baubles.

Ask the Horticulturist Seminar Series:

Casual Horticulture for the Inquiring Plants-person

Ask the Horticulturist Seminar Series: Casual Horticulture for the Inquiring Plants-person Gatherings for the dissemination and provocation of horticultural interest. Usually, an assessment of a plant family will be followed by an idea-laden discussion of a Gardening Topic. Come with plenty of questions. French Horn concertos available by request. Led by UGA Horticulture graduate and SNCA volunteer, Jake Blaydes. No charge, no registration. Location will be confirmed prior to each session on the weekly e-update.

Mints and It's Already Over
Aug 7, 10am - 11:30 am

Just kidding, but I'm trying to emotionally prepare you for it. Learn about cover crops, fall tillage, and other options for wrapping up the growing season so you can hunker down for winter with a healthy garden. To pick things up, we can also go over Fall planting. The truths of the Lamiaceae will be made available.

Cucurbits and What To Do With All This Biomass You Made
Sept 11, 10am - 11:30 am

A seminar for people who didn't think they'd get this far and/or that want to learn how to make kimchi. We will also discuss how long different winter squash lasts (hope you picked a good one to grow), fruit and flower preservation, and storage. The consequences of the Cucurbitaceae will be particularly exposed.

Crucifers and Plant Genes
Oct 23, 10am - 11:30 am

Come to this seminar if you want bold takes on the most controversial topics in all of plant topic-dom. Heirlooms, GMO's, and overly editorialized seed-saving tips, all will have things said about them in a generally tactless manner. Plant breeding and the notion of "plant improvement" will be pointlessly deconstructed for vanity's sake, but there will be enough practical information to make it worth sitting through. Also Brassicaceae.

Forest Nuts and Coping with Houseplants
Nov 13, 10am - 11:30 am

Defy the will of Nature by spitefully growing frost sensitive plants in your home. All manner of interior scaping organisms will be presented, from easy to hard cultivation difficulty. Particulars about fertility, pests, and watering along with an appreciation for oaks, hickories, and walnuts, will be presented.

Roses and Pre-emptive Pruning
Dec 11, 10am - 11:30 am

Learn from past mistakes by getting on top of your winter pruning. Fortify your fingers for the trimming you will deliver to Spring-flowering woodies, structurally unadjusted fruit trees shrubs vines canes, and more. The Rosaceae will be tastefully examined.