Intro to Heritage Art and Craft Series

Open invitation for Instructors and Students! In January, 2023 SNC will launch our first ever Heritage Art and Craft Series. We will offer one class per month, taught by local folks. The Heritage Arts series continues the rich history of the Center by presenting 12 classes that enable participants to learn crafts and art from bygone eras. The classes will begin in January and be taught once monthly through December. We'd love for this to become a yearly event!

Have fun learning an art or craft from bygone days. You can choose from options such as candlemaking, basic sewing, cardmaking, macrame and more. You can choose a half day class or a full day class. All instructors are local folks who want to share their talents with you. They know, you might have no experience at all with the art or craft you sign up for, and they are prepared to help you learn. Who knows, perhaps you will find out you have hidden talents!. It's a great way to try out something you've always wanted to try, without much expense and you'll learn from a real live human!

Information For Instructors

You do not have to be a juried or established crafter or artist. You do need enthusiasm to teach your idea to an adult who wants to learn and who may have no experience at all with the art or craft. We'd like to keep our rich heritage of craft and art alive by passing on your skills!

If you have an idea, jot down your thoughts, read all the information by clicking on the INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION button, then complete your application by clicking on the INSTRUCTOR APPLICATION button. Contact Jim Thomas at 706 878 3300 ext305, email image or stop by the Gallery to talk with Jim.