School Tours at FPM

Museum Tour

pottery demonstration This includes a tour of the Folk Pottery Museum, History Museum, and a pottery demonstration. Visiting the Folk Pottery Museum will teach students History museum about the societal, cultural, and historic context of the region's folk pottery. Students will also delve deeper into the history of Georgia in the Sautee Nacoochee History Museum, where they will learn about the lives and cultures of the Native Americans and early Georgia inhabitants.

Heritage Tour

pottery demonstration This tour offers students the same benefits of the Museum Tour, with the addition of a walk along the Museum's Heritage Path. There students will visit a restored former slave cabin and watch a live demonstration by a blacksmith.

Additional Hands-on Arts Activity

History museum After visiting the Folk Pottery Museum and learning about the history of the area, students will love the hands-on activity which can follow. Students of all ages will have the opportunity to take direct inspiration History museum from the museum's exhibits and create their own works of art with clay or a different medium of your request in our newly created classroom space or outside.

Additional Teacher Resources

  • Pre-visit: Elementary-Middle School FPM PowerPoint download now

  • Pre-visit: High School FPM PowerPoint download now

  • Post-visit: Face Mug ceramics project that teachers can do with students, FPM lesson plan download now.

We work to make sure that our tours connect to the Georgia Standards of Excellence to optimize your student learning during your visit. Please see the following standard links to see the list of standards that connect to the tour options:

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