Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia
The Gift

All of the Oportunities for Planned Giving listed in the left column can give you significant income tax and estate planning benefits. We always recommend that you get advice from your accountant or estate attorney.

You may designate gifts to go directly to the Center and let the current Board of Directors determine the best use of the funds or property. You may also designate that the funds or property be used for specific purpose or be added to existing Center endowment funds.

What is an Endowment Fund?

Simply put, it's putting some money away for a rainy day; it's a fund that's invested to grow over time and help keep the Center financially healthy. Generally the Center will only use the interest and dividends from the fund, keeping the principal to produce future earnings. These funds can provide for the long term support of the Center itself or specific program areas. The North Georgia Community Foundation manages these funds and controls access to them in accordance with the donors' wishes.

The SNCA Fund - provides support for all the ongoing operations of SNCA.

The SNCA Folk Pottery Museum Fund - is a designated fund for current income and long-term operations of the SNCA Folk Pottery Museum.

The SNCA History Museum Fund - is a designated fund for the ongoing operations of the SNCA History Museum. It also supplements Museum activities including, but not limited to, exhibitions, programs, and professional development.

The SNCA African American Heritage Site Endowment Fund - is like the other designated funds, providing current income and long-term protection for the SNCA African American Heritage Site.