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Group Tour Information Group Fees and Policies
Advance reservations required. Two weeks or more notice preferred.


Adult or Senior Groups

Minimum group size
$4 per person, payable when the group arrives at the Museum.
For $3 per person above the $4 per person admission, demonstrator will give a turning demonstration on the traditional wheel and discuss the processes of decorating and glazing folk pottery.
Time needed for tour
For base admission, minimum of 30 minutes to self guide through exhibits. When extra fee involved for tour guide, allow 10-15 minutes more. For demonstration scheduled, allow 45 minutes to one hour total.
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Add A Special Gift for Group Tour Participants

Add a special gift to your group tour - include a Folk Pottery Museum logo mug in a gift bag with brochures from Sautee Nacoochee attractions.

$15.00 per person. Requries one month reservation notice and deposit.

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Student Tours or School Groups

Host can tailor presentation and tour to varying age groups, from second grade to high school senior level and add interactive activities.

Contact the museum Director to discuss options and to determine per person cost

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For all Tour Groups

Additional amenities at no additional charge: local History Museum in adjoining Sautee Nacoochee Center and Center Gallery featuring work by local artists.

Rest Rooms: available in Museum and adjoining Sautee Nacoochee Center. We recommend that group leader notify Museum if group is large and if major rest stop is needed for comfort of group doing extensive travel, so that staff can prepare for and direct visitors appropriately.

Directions & Parking: Museum has map and directions online with precise directions to Sautee Nacoochee as well as a map showing the best approach to Museum, unloading area, recommended parking, re-loading and departure options. We will gladly e-mail or mail such materials to the group leader on request.